• Inducted into the Smithsonian Institute in 2018

  • Tedx People’s Choice award recipient 2014

  • First Afro-American male employee in 3 different school districts

  • Keynote presenter to over 1M people

  • Founder of the #IAmSpeakLove movement, which has impelled over 100,000 youths to create environments of social justice and mental wellness

  • Founder of “TurkeyCuts” hair salon that has beautified over 5k vulnerable members of society

  • Executive and leadership coach to CEO’s, doctors, pro-athletes, teachers and freedom fighters

  • Executive coach to multiple entrepreneurs, which together have created over $3m in wealth annually

  • Co-founded the Inclusion Club for high schools, which combines all in-school clubs under the tutelage of the Black Student Union

  • Creator of “Cop Conversations”, a space for dialogue between community leaders, police officers, and students to foster relationships and in turn save black students’ lives on the streets